Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances which are out of all of our control, there are meetings which have had to be cancelled. We remain hopeful that we will have new meetings soon but only the Lord (who knows the end from the beginning) knows at this stage if this is so!


Regretfully, Moriel & Sandygate Christian Fellowship need to indefinitely postpone the seminar with Jacob Prasch scheduled for the 17th & 18th of October in Sandygate, Marlow.

In compliance with government health restrictions, the facility where the seminar is held has been closed to open public meetings. These circumstances are of course well beyond Moriel's control or the control

of Sandygate Christian Fellowship.

We encourage our brethren to join us on  RTNTV.org and on Moriel TV and on Moriel TV Facebook & RTN Podcasts.

Any future re-scheduling will be announced on the Moriel.org website and on Moriel TV Facebook.

Please do check back with any location for any itinerary event to avoid disappointment.





Moriel Pacific Fund

Moriel Pacific Fund

Sandy Simpson and family are serving the Lord in the Pacific Islands reaching the people of Micronesia.

Sandy Simpson and family are serving the Lord in the Pacific Islands reaching the people of Micronesia.

Sandy grew up in Palau and speaks the language fluently.  We teach two verse by verse Bible studies weekly and provide transportation, counseling, hospital visitation and other help for people from various churches in Micronesia. 

Sandy also does discernment seminars in various places and in local churches on Oahu and occasional visits to the islands of Micronesia.